Kick-Off meeting

Outcome of Kick-Off meeting

Jyväskylä.jpgSummary of the meeting: SUPERTED Kick-Off meeting took place in Jyväskylä from 24th to 26th September, 2018. A total of 28 researchers participated in the meeting. In the meeting we went through the whole project so that each partner understands well the main ideas and what the conceived problems are. On Tuesday the work package leaders presented their sites and capabilities along with their plans within the project, and on Wednesday the young researchers within the consortium presented scientific talks around the main concept of thermoelectric detection in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures. In addition, we aimed to get a good view on the main challenges within the first year of the project.

"For me, the meeting was very positive and productive. Apart of been very well organized thee interaction with the other partners was very intense and at the same time very useful. I think we managed to define the tasks we have for this first year and organize the work between the different groups. I also liked that I got an idea about how is the device we are trying to build that before it was not clear for me. Other thing I liked was the participation of Timo. Very interesting his contribution and his ideas about how should be the final device for users and the interest he showed for the project and his intention on contributing if necessary." — Dr. Celia Rogero from CFM, San Sebatian, Spain

Deliverable of the Collaboration Agreement.

"The Kick-Off SUPERTED meeting allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the skills of each partner and to identify the interlocutor for each problematic (from Néel Institute point-of-view: lithography of the antenna and development of the readout). I really appreciated the enthusiasm of each participant." — Dr. Florence Lévy-Bertrand from Néel Institut, Grenoble, France

Organizing a Kick-Off meeting

calendar.jpgThe Kick-Off meeting for the SUPERTED project will be organized in Jyväskylä. It takes place in lecture halls S212 (Seminarium, Seminaarinmäki Campus) and YN121 (Nanoscience Center, Ylistörinne Campus) of the University of Jyväskylä. The meeting includes scientific presentations of the SUPERTED project partners. In addition, all issues related to the commencement, management, finance, and technicalities of the SUPERTED project will be presented and discussed.

Now, we would like to know roughly the amount of people participating to this Kick-Off meeting. Therefore, could you please register to the event by the next Friday - 24th August!