Monday 24th Sept, 2018
Time Action Person/Institute
20:00-23:00 DINNER at restaurant Alba for PIs, ~11 persons Vice Rector Henrik Kunttu/JYU

Tuesday 25th Sept, 2018, S212 (Seminarium, Seminaarinmäki Campus)

Time Action Person/Institute
8:30-9:00 REGISTRATION in the Lobby of the Seminarium
  SESSION: Project Overview Discussion leader: Ilari Maasilta/JYU
9:00-9:15  Welcome Words and Partner Introductions Tero Heikkilä/JYU
9:15-9:25 Delivery of Agreements Tero Heikkilä/JYU, Ilari Maasilta/JYU, F. Sebastian Bergeret/CSIC, Celia Rogero/CSIC, Francesco Giazotto/CNR, Alessandro Monfardini/NEEL, and Francisco Lopez-Gejo/BIHUR
9:25-9:45 GROUP PHOTO  
9:45-10:10 Overview of the SUPERTED project Tero Heikkilä/JYU
10:10-10:50 "Thermoelectronic Radiation Detection: Theory Background" F. Sebastian Bergeret/CSIC
10:50-11:20 COFFEE in the Lobby of the Seminarium
  SESSION: Project Workpackages I-II
Discussion leader: F. Sebastian Bergeret/CSIC
11:20-11:50 WP I: "Surface science for growing the multilayers needed in the project" Celia Rogero/CSIC
11:50-12:20 WP II: "Superconductor/ferromagnetic Insulator Device Fabrication and Previous Experiments" Francesco Giazotto/CNR
12:20-13:50 LUNCH at Restaurant Lozzi
  SESSION: Project Workpackages III-IV Discussion leader: Francesco Giazotto/CNR
13:50-14:20 WP IIIa: "THz Detection with Superconducting Sensors" Alessandro Monfardini/NEEL
14:20-14:50 WP IIIb: "X-ray Detection with Superconducting Sensors" Ilari Maasilta/JYU
14:50-15:20 WP IV: "Stand-alone Detector" Francisco Lopez-Gejo/BIHUR
  SESSION: Project Management Discussion leader: Tero Heikkilä/JYU
15:20-15:50 COFFEE in the Lobby of the Seminarium
15:50-16:20 Open questions Tero Heikkilä/JYU and F. Sebastian Bergeret/CSIC
16:20-17:00 WP V: "Project Management in Practice" Heli Lehtivuori/JYU and Tero Heikkilä/JYU
17:00-19:00 Walk around the City
19:00-22:00 DINNER and Workshop at Seminarium, where two groups work on open questions/challenges/plans related to the topics given below:
Tero Heikkilä/JYU and F. Sebastian Bergeret/CSIC
  • Multilayer fabrication
  • THz/X-ray detectors
Celia Rogero/CSIC, Alessandro Monfardini/NEEL, and Ilari Maasilta/JYU
  • Device fabrication/thermoelectric heat engines
  • Stand-alone detector
Francesco Giazotto/CNR and Francisco Lopez-Gejo/BIHUR

Wednesday 26th Sept, 2018, YN121 (Nanoscience Center, Ylistö Campus)

There is 15 minutes time for each oral presentation, after which 5 minutes is reserved for discussions. If you will use your own laptop to present your oral presentation. Please plan to arrive ahead of time prior to the scheduled start of your session to ensure adequate time for connection and any necessary adjustments.

Time Action  Person/Institute
  SESSION: Science around the Topic I
Discussion leader: Celia Rogero/CSIC
9:00-9:20 "Magnetic domains in EuS/Al bilayers revealed by superconducting tunneling spectroscopy" Elia Strambini/CNR
9:20-9:40 "Long-range spin accumulation and spin currents in magnetic superconductors" Mikhail Silaev/JYU
9:40-10:00 "Majorana bound states in hybrid two-dimensional Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic insulators" Pauli Virtanen/CNR
10:00-10:20 "Tunable sub-gap radiation detection with superconducting resonators" Florence Levy-Bertrand/Neel
10:20-10:50 COFFEE
in the Lobby of the Nanoscience Center
  SESSION: Science around the Topic II Discussion leader: Alessandro Monfardini/NEEL
10:50-11:10 "First results on EuS growth in UHV conditions" Maxim ILIN/CSIC
11:10-11:30 "Nanofabrication of superconducting hybrid devices: the SQUIPT" Nadia Ligato/CNR
11:30-11:50 "Electron refrigeration in hybrid structures with spin-split superconductors" Mikel Rouco/CSIC
11:50-12:10 "EuS/Al based superconducting absolute spin-value" Giorgio De Simoni/CNR
12:10-13:10 LUNCH at Restaurant Ylistö
  SESSION: Science around the topic III
Discussion leader: Francisco Lopez-Gejo/BIHUR
13:10-13:30 "Thermoelectric radiation detector based on a superconductor-ferromagnet junction: calorimetric regime" Subrata Chakraborty/JYU
13:30-14:00 "High resolution detectors in ion beam analysis" Timo Sajavaara/JYU
14:00-15:30 Excursions to Accelerator Laboratory and Nanoscience Center Timo Sajavaara/JYU and Ilari Maasilta/JYU
15:30- Further Discussion (IPR plan, Data management plan, Skype meetings, grand management, etc.)  
17:00- SAUNA at Nanoscience Center (YN330)