SUPERTED 2019 meeting

Outcome of SUPETED 2019 meeting

San Sebatian meeting 2019.JPGThe SUPERTED follow-up meeting took place in San Sebastian, the 16th and 17th September, 2019. The meeting was organized by Centro de Fisica de Materiales (CSIC) and Bihurcrystal, Spain. A Project Officer, three reviewers and an Innovation Officer attended the first day of the meeting, which was dedicated to introducing the different work packages presented by the consortium members. A total 28 researchers participated in the Monday review meeting. Open-workshop took place with talks by consortium members and two invited speakers: Dr. J. Moodera from MIT (USA) and Dr. F. Casanova from CIC nanoGUNE (Spain). In the second day, the audience was 40–45 persons. On Tuesday afternoon, the consortium had a three-hour meeting in which we discussed evaluation, next challenges and deadlines.

The meeting consist of three parts:

1. On Monday, the main focus was on the review process of the activity after first year of the project. Work packages leaders and other members of the consortium present the first year main results, activities for the next review period, and financial summary. Besides the PO, Antonio Loredan, the reviewer panel was formed by Profs. Romeo Reccherelli, Alberta Bonanni and Elke Scheer. The day concluded with the presentation by the Project Officer, and feedback and recommendations by the reviewers.

2. On Tuesday morning, we organized an Open Workshop. The sessions include several presentations by the SUPERTED members showing the most relevant results obtained in this first year. We also had two invited speakers showed their results on topics related to the SUPERTED project. The morning sessions were attended by researchers who did not participate in the SUPERTED consortium.

3. On Tuesday afternoon, the consortium had a closed meeting in which it was  discuss what has been done in which workpackage and what are the next challenges and objectives. 

Venue, accommodation and meals:

The meeting took place at the Auditorium of Centro de Física de Materiales (CSIC), San Sebastian (Spain). All the SUPERTED project partners (except  locals) stayed at the Hotel Codina and payed for their accommodation. The coffee breaks, lunches, and dinner were offer to all workshop participants and were organized by CSIC and Bihurcrysta partner.  The latter company took care of costs of all these meals. 

Meeting Lunch
Meeting Dinner



Registration to meeting

San_Sebastian_Bay_Panorama.jpgThe SUPERTED 2019 meeting will be organized by Centro de Fisica de Materiales (CFM), Spain. It takes place in Donostia-San Sebastián from 16th to 17th September, 2019. (Please arrive to San Sebastián on 15th September.) The meeting includes scientific presentations of the SUPERTED project partners. In addition, all issues related to the management and technicalities of the SUPERTED project will be presented and discussed.

Now, we would like to know the amount of people participating to this meeting. Therefore, could you please register to the event by the next Friday - 15th February, 2019!