SUPERTED 2021 meeting

Outline of the SUPERTED 2021 meeting

The SUPERTED 2021 meeting was held as an online meeting on 5th of February 2021. The participants were invited to private online platform, according to the prevalent trend, where the meeting topics could be discussed and presentations were supported.

SUPERTED zoom2.png

The meeting consisted of three parts:

1. Reporting project status at this stage of the project. Each of the partners presented their advancement during the second reporting period of the project.

2. Discussing the recent research advancements related to the project. Time was allocated for scientific discussion on research advancements of each consortium member.

3. Preparing for the reporting responsibilities of the second reporting period. The consortium went through the progress steps required for successful report and allocates reporting tasks for each member.


The schedule is provided in UTC +2 (Helsinki time zone). For UTC + 1 (Italy/Spain/France), shift by one hour earlier.

Schedule Topic Presenter
Project Status Reports    
10:00 Opening: Overall status of SUPERTED, reporting Tero Heikkilä
10:20 WP1 status and plans Celia Rogero / Sebastian Bergeret / Maxim Ilyn
10:40 WP2 status and plans Francesco Giazotto / Elia Strambini
11:00 WP3/JYU status and plans Ilari Maasilta
11:20 WP3/CNRS status and plans Alessandro Monfardini
11:40 WP4 status and plans Juha Kalliopuska / Francisco Lopez Gejo
12:00 WP5 status and plans Sanna Rauhamäki
12:15 Discussion All
12:30 Break (lunch etc.)  
13:00 Magnetization dynamics and spin pumping in ferromagnetic insulator/superconductor structures Mikhail Silaev
13:30 Direct writing of Josephson junctions in superconducting nitrides with focused helium ion beam Aki Ruhtinas
14:00 Superconducting detectors for Astrophysics: from imaging to spectral-imaging Alessandro Monfardini
14:30 Break  
15:00 Experimental investigation of current rectification in N/FI/S tunnel junctions Maria Spies
15:30 Current rectification and noise in N-FI-S junctions Stefan Ilic
Consortium Reporting Preparation    
16:00 Reporting of the 2nd reporting period Sanna Rauhamäki
16:15 What next: reporting, presentations in the review meeting All
16:30  Closing Words Tero Heikkilä

(*) not confirmed